“… And now that you’ve realized, what are you going to do to achieve your goal? ,…  How will you do it?” (Sonia Barceló)

Coaching is much more than a tool for management, it is a daily way of being and doing, which makes it a great tool in the companies’ management as well as in personal development to obtain both personal and professional goals. It is based on techniques applied in a respectful conversation in which the client (“coachee”) manages to clarify those changes he wishes to carry out, what paths to follow, what skills he needs, what he should avoid and what to reinforce, which interlocutors he should address, what obstacles he should skip and how… always having as a reference his personal or professional goal.

Coaching in Organizations, known as Corporate Coaching, helps to obtain extraordinary results in companies where it is applied. Used in specific areas of the company, or from the General Management, it responds to such frequent situations as:

  • Deep organizational changes.
  • Unsatisfactory results of inner studies.
  • Incorporation of Human Resources policies from Central Management.
  • Strategic replanning of the company.
  • Skills Development.
  • Excessive rotation of key employees.

In Anderalium we have a qualified team specialized in Coaching, professionals with accredited experience as a coach. Our added value in this area lies in the fact our people have occupied high-executive posts, therefore we multiply advantages.