What strategy must I follow and how? Should I consider a change of strategy?

Many are the questions arousing regarding the future of our organisations. We want to be by your side in order to get to an answer.

A correct Strategic Planning facilitates the mid-term growth. It provides a vision of the future, allowing us to assess objectively the real situation of the company and the steps to take to attain the established goals (future situation).

The strategic plan indicates the numeric goals of the company, it specifies the policies and guiding lines to achieve those goals. It establishes time intervals, specific and explicit, which will have to be fulfilled by the organisation so that the practice stage of the plan becomes succesful.

The Operational Plan will adopt those general objectives of the company to every department and will translate the global strategy to the day-to-day routines of workers. It is very useful management tool to reach goals and develop the organisation. It allows indicating the actions will be carried out, establish deadlines for every action, execute the necessary tracking for all of the actions and assess the management of the planned period.