“We can not direct the wind, no one can make dawns, but we can adjust the sails and enjoy every awakening.” Stephen Covey

Competing in international markets, it is certainly a valid alternative, and sometimes the only, for the development and growth of our businesses; Internationalization is an exciting adventure that brings knowledge, innovative ideas and of course, economic benefits, but it is not an easy adventure, get out, but you have to leave relying on reflection and preparation, both our product and our human Resources. We can help in that process …

Our services are directed to any company of any size or sector, that:

1. It arises as the next step in its growth, its output abroad, internationalization for the first time,

– Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company before starting their internationalization.
– Product study, analysis of their added value, adapting it for export (if necessary).
– Adaptation of internal company resources for export adventure, both materially and training of personnel and organization department Export.
– Market research in different areas, decision and choice of target markets, developing entry strategy for each market. “Strategic Plan for Internationalization”.
– Exit to the outside.

2. Or companies that have already begun the process of internationalization, but need reinforcement or a change in strategy in a given market:

1. Opening new markets.
Brand reinforcement and its position in the market.
Establishment of a Commercial Office itself.
Prescription products in public projects and / or private.