Each job requires skills depending on their responsibilities, department, position, type of work, team in charge, interlocutors in front, need for knowledge, etc.  The competences are specific to everyone, and those are present by their own nature (abilities) or those are developed from experience and training (knowledge).

The Job Performance Evaluation is a Human Resources management technique that allows to elaborate development plans that contribute to the professional improvement of the people who work in the organization, as well as to the achieve the company goals.

The objectives are:

  • Align behaviors with the culture of the organization.
  •  Effectively measure the performance to the job-position.
  • Align the responsibilities and resources required for each job to the Organization Structure.
  • Encourage employee skills-development.  Professionalization.
  • Identify the potential.

Our team of professionals at Anderalium is specialized in Job Performance Management Systems in teams. Our methodology is based on:

  • Managers / Executives health programs (Checkup, Diagnosis; Improvement and Monitoring Plan)
  • Health program of generic competences (Evaluation, Interview, Elaboration of the Development Plan)